SPECOBORONA group of companies

Генеральный директор компании СПЕЦОБОРОНА

Group companies operating in the market SPECOBORONA® means of individual and collective protection since 2004.
The company has its own SPECOBORONA® clothing manufacture, making personal protective equipment (PPE), a workshop for the assembly of engineering equipment for protective structures, scientific and technical department.

Group Enterprises SPECOBORONA® offers the following types of products:

Costume L-1, made ​​of fabric T-15
Lightweight protective suit L-1MILITARY
Protective clothing (PPE KP)
Suit L-1, made ​​of fabric UNKL
Costume Gloves from L-1
Suit L-1 "Rescue"
Suit L-1 "Pro"
Suit L-1 "The Fisherman"
Suit L-1 "Hunter"
Protective coverall waterproof universal KZVU
Cloak to NBC suit (UGC)
Stockings for NBC suit (UGC)
Bags for contaminated clothing
Bags for gas masks

Fans Electrical manual for asylum (ERV-72-2, 72-3ECV, ECV-600/300 ECV-49)
Nara for shelters
Protective-hermetic devices for asylum (ISM, PSM-1PSM-8; KIDM 100/150/200/300; CG-150/200/300 with manual transmission, themounting parts to the RP-100, PD-200 and PT -300)
Annunciation (10 types of hand sirens andmegaphones)
Monitoring Tools (Meteorological kit MK-3B, a set ofdevices for sampling CPO-1M)
Layouts shelters

All made garment products have passed the verification tests and has:
1. Specifications for costumes A-1 and OZKTU 8572-001-72424303-2010
2. Certificate of Compliance ROSS RU.AV59.V00871
3. Conclusion on the relevant technical regulations of the Customs Union "On the security of personal protective equipment" TP TS019 / 2011
4. The presence of anti-counterfeiting
5. Specifications for meteokomplekt MK-3B TU 4311-001-72424303-2010
6. Certificate of Compliance for meteokomplekt MK-3B ROSS RU.AV67.N01030
7. Certificate of Compliance for fans Electrical manual C-RU.ME 05.V.00032
8. Conformity GOST
Careful multilevel technical control allows the company to produce and market high-quality products.

Laboratory tests estate GO
Calibration and maintenance of instruments ofradiation dosimetry
Disposal of property GO
Inspection and maintenance of protective structures
Measurement of air overpressure in protectivestructures
Verification of filter-absorber
Rental equipment

Company SPECOBORONA® supplies more than 1,000 kinds of products in the field of protection of GO emergencies, as in Russia and in neighboring countries such as:
RPD (respirators, gas masks, civil, industrial,hoses, insulating, self-rescuers: isolation, filtering)
Remedies for general purpose (protective suits,gloves, etc.)
Rescue equipment (goggles, face shields, helmets,safety belt, rescue tool, etc.)
Means of warning and alarm (megaphones, sirens)
Means of first aid, individual diets
Means of rescue in case of fire (fire extinguishers,fire cabinets, etc.)
Monitoring tools (radiation and chemical control)
Means of decontamination and degassing
Tutorials, stands and layouts
Engineering equipment for CPS (means of ventilation,filtration, water, bunks, etc.)
Equipment for fire-applied sports (PPP)

General manager
Group of enterprises SPECOBORONA®
Yuri N. Lapin

All products Ltd. SPECOBORONA® have certificates of conformity in accordance with the "mix of products and services in respect of which the legislative acts of the Russian Federation subject to mandatory certification."